Old kmail-1.13.5 question

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Thu May 8 16:55:08 UTC 2014

Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Thursday 08 May 2014 11:45:51 kubuntu-users at lists.ubuntu.com Nils
> Kassube did opine:
> > If you want to insert a command, use the appropriately named
> > selection button below the input area. BTW: That's where I found
> > out what the meaning of the "%OTIMELONGEN". And there is a link
> > "How does this work?" which you may want to click for a short
> > description.

> Well, I did something and now its working to pick up your name in the
> greeting so thats progress of sorts.  ISTR I removed the locale
> portion. 

AIUI there is no real locale section but you can have your individual 
locale which you configure somewhere with systemsettings and you can 
have the default C locale (which is English). So "%OTIMELONGEN" is with 
C locale and "%OTIMELONG" is the individual locale which is e.g. German 
for me. So here I have no difference in the time format but the date is 
different. For "%DATEEN" I get "Thu, 8. 05.2014" and for "%DATE" I get 
"Do, 8. 05.2014".

> As for the "how does this work" pop-ups, the note says there
> is no help, contributions welcome.

That's strange - I got a short help even from the Kubuntu-10.04 CD. I 
can't tell you what is missing on your system to get that text back.

> Thanks Nils.  I'll keep poking at it with a small stick.  I found a
> link from a SuSe site that doesn't show the leading "O" on them, is
> there not an actual std for this?

The "O" refers to the original message. Without the "O" it refers to the 
currently composed message. But I think you should simply use the 
"Insert Command" selection button and not worry about the way the 
commands are written.


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