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On 03/28/2014 08:01 AM, c. marlow wrote:
> On Friday, March 28, 2014 07:37:27 A Rev. Olson wrote:
> On 03/27/14 17:00, c. marlow wrote:
> Hello Reverend,
> That is very odd, when I first put in my account infomation it only 
> asked for the password once to download my email and it has not asked 
> me again on send or recieve. Wow you guys run the church on Kubuntu 
> full time? very cool. I have never seen or talked to anyone that runs 
> their whole org. with Linux. Still a windows world or 
> MAC-N-OVERPRICED.... unfortantly.
> I take it your church domain has a very small mailbox so you have to 
> leave Kubuntu up to constantly download the email for the church?

Well, as we get over 600 e-mails per day, not counting spam, it is 
almost a full time job just working with them.  I am not always there in 
the church, I do weddings and funerals sometimes at resorts, or people's 
homes.  I also do in home bible studies around my area so I make great 
use of my laptop's wifi.  We did fire a fellow for attempting to connect 
a windoze laptop to our network however.  As to the mailbox, we find it 
easier to have the machine download unattended to a local pool.  We each 
can then take and answer as we have time from our own network so I don't 
have to allow people the use of our church's internet connections (this 
rule is a carryover from when bandwidth was so tight but it works well 
for us so we kept it!)  We have three office machines, two home 
machines, and nine laptops all currently running the 12.04 KDE flavor on 

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