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I only said I didn't like Akonadi.  nothing about weather it is good or 

However as a "spare time" activity I do volunter with the W3C/WAI which 
tries to keep the web accessible for people with disabilities,  and very 
honestly the web scripters out there today seem to totally ignore the 
advice of the W3C and just go off thier seperate ways.

there are federal and international laws that can and have burned major 
corporations costing them millions because of poor software design..


On Sat, 29 Mar 2014, Steve Riley wrote:

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> On 2014-03-29 at 15:52, Matthew Cliffe <mattjcliffe at> wrote:
>> You missed the point using it as an excuse it's wrong and allows for lazy
>> and sloppy work. There is no such thing as the average system which makes
>> it hard to target. As I said before the point it's do not use " well I have
>> x resource so everyone else obviously does" as a reason for un optimized
>> code
> I don't view Akonadi as lazy or sloppy. It (and Nepomuk, too) works very well on my machine. I have not looked at the source code, so I can't say for certain that the code either optimized or unoptimized. Perhaps the code is really bad, and abundant resources hide this. Or perhaps the code is already optimized, and 2 GB is simply not enough RAM.
> Akonadi does more than Thunderbird. If Thunderbird is all you need, that's fine. But to trash Akonadi as unoptimized because it doesn't work well on low-resource machines is just wrong.
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