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hello new here to the group ^_^

Question, I am looking for some reviews on KMAIL... Is it a good and stable 
and trustworthy email client?

I am using TBIRD right now, just kind of tired of it, been using it for a 
couple years now, windows and NIX. I like how I can archive my folders before 
closing instead of having to manually copy a .Thunderbird file to back 
everything up


chris at

Speaking as one who used KMAIL for 8 years and loved it,  and watched it be 
festooned with complexity (akonadi, etc), and who just gave up on it last 
month and switched to T-bird....      I would stay where you are.

Too many problems with KMAIL as it is....  and in fact, when I shut it down 
for good and started using T-bird,  the RESOURCES behind the scenes were STILL 
handing my email over to Kmail even though I had set all of the "shut down the 
resource when Kmail shuts down"...   And with T-bird I have totally gotten rid 
of akonadi completely, which must free up a lot of cpu, memory and disk space 
right there.

I wouldn't go back to Kmail on a bet.....

Just checked the taskmanager ( sys mom) says I have 10 akondi processes 
running right now

-- Christopher

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