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hello new here to the group ^_^

Question, I am looking for some reviews on KMAIL... Is it a good and stable 
and trustworthy email client?

I had to leave Kmail as they removed its ability to save passwords.  Kmail was 
very stable and usable til then. Kwallet which they tried to tell me to use 
with Kmail is terrible and would continually crash my computers which are 
meant to run 24/7.  Our church needs a way to get our mail off of a service 
unattended and Kmail which served so long became unusable with its new 
inability to save the passwords.  

Hello Reverend,

That is very odd, when I first put in my account infomation it only asked for 
the password once to download my email and it has not asked me again on send 
or recieve. Wow you guys run the church on Kubuntu full time? very cool. I 
have never seen or talked to anyone that runs their whole org. with Linux. 
Still a windows world or MAC-N-OVERPRICED.... unfortantly. 

I take it your church domain has a very small mailbox so you have to leave 
Kubuntu up to constantly download the email for the church?

chris at

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