Clean installation of Kubuntu and Palapeli

Little Girl littlergirl at
Mon Mar 24 18:09:33 UTC 2014

Hey there,

Peter Hillier-Brook wrote:

> Whilst I subscribe to the view that a clean installation rather
> than a dist-upgrade of a new Kubuntu version is a good idea I'm
> inhibited by my addiction to palapeli.

Thanks for the recommendation - it's very nice! (:

> I cannot find the location where completed puzzles are stored, but
> they're definitely not in ~/.kde/share/config/pal* This means I
> have to re-complete previously completed puzzles which I find
> somewhat tedious.

No need. (:
> I tried e-mailing the author to no avail so I'm hoping someone here
> has an idea?

I installed the game.

I did this command to refresh the locate database:

sudo updatedb

Then I did this command to find all files related to the game:

locate palapeli

Then I looked through all the results, and this one was it:


It sounds like you're much further into the game than me (I just
started it), so you'll probably find a whole lot of .save files in
that directory.

Little Girl

There is no spoon.

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