kbun at kbun at
Tue Mar 18 16:34:14 UTC 2014

Thanks for all the help gang! Now I've got a
bunch of stuff to try out.

As to the reason, I recently was gifted with
a Raspberry PI; That's a Linux computer about
the size of a credit card. You can get a boot
up card like you use to record digital camera
images. This is refered to as a NOOBS card,
(New Out Of Box Software), and it comes with
about 16 different Linux operating systems on
it, along with RISC OS.

It's default is to first boot up with a
version of Debian called, "Raspbian", and
then, after that, you can switch between OS's
by holding down the shift key during bootup.

Unfortunately, the NOOBS card I got was
faulty, and would only boot up an OS called,
"Pidora", (Fedora Remix), and wouldn't do
anything else. Apparently the software on
the card was a bum copy. While waiting for
a new NOOBS card to show up, I tried clearing
out the old card and installing an older
version of Raspbian which then worked just
fine, but was only one of the OS's.

So, The reason for my question, is that now
that I have a good NOOBS card, I'd like to
see if the old card can hold good info copied
from the new card. If so, then I'll have a
spare card for emergencies, or whatever.


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