Kubuntu is not working with the battery in the laptop computer

VĂ­tor Moreira vitor.s.moreira at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 20:42:45 UTC 2014

Good afternoon,

I recently installed a Linux distribution 13:10 kde kubuntu on a netbook.
Happens that the computer not working properly when the battery is placed,
at the start, when the desktop should appear, the screen is all black (but
connected) and only the mouse cursor appears. You can not do anything.
With the battery and charger simultaneously the same situation.
Only works correctly only with the charger without the battery.

Remarks: without battery performs some applications if at system startup,
as is the case when I have skype installed.

I'm Portuguese and I asked for help in this forum:


Best regards,
Vitor Moreira
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