TBIRD and downloading mail for offline

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Sun Feb 9 08:13:50 UTC 2014

Christopher M wrote:
> On 02/08/2014 04:00 PM, Nils Kassube wrote:
> > Christopher M wrote:
> >> But when downloading pop3 msgs... It does not load the whole
> >> messages... I hop on download them then get off. ( on a limited sat
> >> connection) to see the pictures you have to hop back on then re
> >> open
> >> the msgs to see the images. ( I have the hide images turned off
> >> before anyone asks) if I dont go back online all I see is place
> >> holders ( just clear boxes) where the image should be.

> >> TB does download attachments but why not the embedded images?
> > 
> > I don't think it is possible to download messages only partly via
> > pop3. Could it be that the images are not really embedded but
> > loaded by javascript from an external URL? I suppose Windows OL
> > might already interpret javascript while downloading the messages
> > and then also download external images.

> well for instance here is a YOUTUBE email...... this is one of those
> that wont download....  here is the source:

Like I expected ... there are external images loaded. Only they are not 
loaded by javascript but by standard HTML:

| <img class=3D"header_logo_size" width=3D"75" height=3D"30"
| src=3D"http://ww=
| w.gstatic.com/youtube/img/email/email_logo.png" border=3D"0"
| style=3D"displ=
| ay:block;">

| <img class=3D"avatar-size" src=3D"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/
| -A_eMk2=
| FWbH4/AAAAAAAAAAI/AAAAAAAAAAA/XOBFHoIQe6U/s50/photo.jpg" width=3D"20"
| heigh=
| t=3D"20" border=3D"0">

Well, those were only two, maybe there are more - it is no fun reading 
ugly HTML code and therefore I stopped after finding two. So the email 
was certainly downloaded completely but the external references were not 
downloaded as well, which is a good thing IMHO. After all spammers use 
such external images to verify email addresses. And probably youtube 
also verifies with these images that you have read the mail.


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