Transferring e-mail from an Android tablet

theuteck at theuteck at
Wed Feb 5 15:44:08 UTC 2014

You could always pick up a inexpensive device over there, provided you can get 
the language set to something you can read.
But you are assuming that you will be able to receive the email while over 
there.  If you visit China for example, gmail is blocked.  You may want to 
look into a VPN service that will get you around any filtering in the countries 
you are traveling to.

On Wednesday, February 05, 2014 06:28:52 PM Phil wrote:
> Thank you for reading this.
> I will be touring Asia for a month and I'm wondering if I should buy a
> cheap Android tablet to receive e-mails from the many lists that I
> subscribe to and perhaps do a little web browsing as well. I'm not sure
> that I can justify the cost of even a cheap device for what seems like a
> trivial use.
> My question is; is it possible to transfer e-mail from an Android device
> to the Thunderbird reader on my home computer when I arrive back home?
> If I can't then I'll save a hundred dollars and have the joy of sorting
> through 4,000 e-mails on my return.

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