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On Wednesday, February 05, 2014 01:24:40 AM Christer Wickman wrote:
> Hello All
> I have a question. How many Linux system can one have on one computer? Today
> I installed Elementary OS on the same computer I have KUbuntu on. When the
> list over system I can choose to start with. The list is a bit odd. Because
> it says the KUbuntu has many kernel on it. Why is so? One example is like
> this "" below it can stand for "", why is
> like that?
> Yours
> Christer Wickman
> Skickat från Huawei Mobile
Hello,  there left over Linux kernels form previous updates, it keeps them by default so 
you have the option to revert back is you system becomes unstable after a kernel update, 
you can safely remove them...
This will remove ALL versions but the current: 
  sudo apt-get remove --purge $(dpkg -l 'linux-*' | sed '/^ii/!d;/'"$(uname -r | sed 
"s/\(.*\)-\([^0-9]\+\)/\1/")"'/d;s/^[^ ]* [^ ]* \([^ ]*\).*/\1/;/[0-9]/!d')

run that in term...
reference link;[1] 

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