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Gene Heskett gheskett at
Thu Apr 10 00:14:48 UTC 2014


The subject line seems to not be supported by the new kmail.
Both 1.13.5 and  4.11.5 have import as a selection in the file menu.

However it seems Mint has moved the email storage location to someplace 
buried under at least 5 levels of subdirs and its not even in the user's 
home dir!  Its in /usr someplace.

So I booted to Mint16/kde, opened kmail and went to its import function.
Nice menu, but when it comes to selecting from where to import FROM, it 
won't let you out of the confines of its inbox!!!  Now I ask you, if what I 
could see was there, would it not have been already imported?

Wouldn't one want to navigate to where the old email corpus, all nicely 
mounted and accessible for copy operations, about 13Gb of it so it could be 
imported, probably one directory at a time. All but one directory there is 
in maildir format since the size of the inbox, now 13 years old, is well 
beyond the capacity of a mailfile on a 32 bit system.

I am finding this less than humorous when there appears to be no way to 
even have the new kmail, import its older sisters email database.

Is there a tutorial that at least names the hoops I have to jump thru to do 

Thanks all.

Cheers, Gene
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