Clean installation of Kubuntu and Palapeli

Little Girl littlergirl at
Fri Apr 4 00:18:06 UTC 2014

Hey there,

Peter Hillier-Brook wrote:

> Thanks for provoking my brain. Copying the *palapeli*rc files and
> the collection file achieved a partial result in that I was
> restored to where I was before the new installation, *but*
> individual files are not retrievable as they are not identifiable.

What if you copy these two files:


And also this folder:


Would that get everything?

By the way, I saw somewhere in this thread that you had mentioned the
naming of files you import. They do get named rather badly, but if you
immediately export them, you can name them anything you like. Then
delete the automatically named file and import the one you exported
and named. It won't fix the ones you already have (unless you're
willing to start over with those and solve them again), but it
should make life nicer in future. (:

Little Girl

There is no spoon.

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