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Charles Bell cbell44 at
Sat Sep 14 10:39:07 UTC 2013

On 09/14/2013 06:30 AM, Errol Sapir wrote:
> On 14/09/13 13:06, Errol Sapir wrote:
>> On 14/09/13 13:01, Clay Weber wrote:
>>> On Saturday, September 14, 2013 12:49:25 PM Errol Sapir wrote:
>>>>    Present Windows has also an unpopular change: the mouse action for
>>>> closing a window got removed.
>>> "Present Windows" is the Desktop Effect, so your missing buttons are
>>> another
>>> thing entirely.
>> Should I try an reinstall KDE 4.11? Maybe the problem is only mine? I'm
>> at a loss.
>> Errol
> Hi Clay & Myriam
> I did an update using Muon Update Manager and all came right. Sorry
> for pressing the panic buttons but I didn't (and still don't)
> understand what happened.
> All is well now. Thanks for your aid.
> Errol
I sometimes run my screensaver as a program without any window border at
I found out that when you go to the panel at the location you keep it
(top or bottom, or side) and
right click it will offer all the options for maximize, minimize, close,
I sometimes open and maximize the screensaver because it won't do it
otherwise, when
run as a program.  That gives me a nice moving desktop (KOceanSaver).
When I want to close it, I just go to the panel and click close.
I find it a nice feature.
Good luck!


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