4.11.1 and desktop search, address completion, virtuoso et al issues again

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at gmail.com
Sat Sep 14 05:43:31 UTC 2013

am on 4.10.3 and KDE 4.11.1

Yesterday there was a slew of upgrades and since then suddenly I have 
issues like:

Desktop search kind of works but Dolphin "today" and "yesterday" are 
totally wrong in what they contain.

Address autocompletion in KMail gone whack, apart from what I expect 
that is recent addresses and Contacts I get load of "Contacts found in 
your data". On top of that Contacts that worked as expected this morning 
can not be found apart from "recent addresses" and "contacts found in 
your data"

Searching for emails strangely enough seems to work much better than ever...

And then it seems like the akonadi_nepomukfeeder starts from 0% every 
login and slowly chews it way up to 100%. In the meantime virtuoso-t has 
a jolly good time with my cpu and also chews up 800 Mb RAM (there used 
to be a setting to limit this memory but can not find it any longer).

Desktop search is also strange but I leave that for a separate post.

My akonadi_nepomuk_feederrc looks like this:


the last line I know I have once edited, the top part I am not sure. 
Since there seems to be no documentation on these files it is kind of 

My akonadi_nepomuk_email_feederrc looks like this:

and finally kpimcompletionorder:

What can I do to get back to working autocompletion??

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