At wits end over holding a sticky setting in kmail

Gene Heskett gheskett at
Wed May 29 14:46:58 UTC 2013

Greetings all;

I have 3 email servers I can access for receiving, but only one to use for 
sending.  Two of them are actually gmail as I have an account there, and I 
have an account at my ISP, which is in fact an alias for gmail for about 
the last year.

Gmail, for some UNK reason stopped accepting my posts about 6 months back 
and I had to scramble around subbing to all my mailing lists thru a server 
at the tv station I retired from, and which I have lifetime privileges to 

But kmail, despite all the sticky settings, insists on using a random roll 
of the dice about 1% of the time as to which of these servers it will use 
to send.  Obviously this is a pain in the ass that takes about an hour to 
fix because the poorly addressed message cannot be edited to fix it until 
it times out and allows the send to be aborted.

Is there some file in kmail that I can set the immutable bit on to stop 
this errant behavior?

While I'm at it, I'm like many, the virtuoso thing is killing me, and may 
after 14 years of kmail, force me to claws.  The virtuoso database file, 
since my email corpus goes back 11 of those 14 years, is now up to 7.3 
gigabytes and kmail apparently has to search the whole thing just to 
advance to the next unread msg.

Cheers, Gene
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