4.10.3 updates

Philip Muskovac yofel at gmx.net
Thu May 23 18:30:02 UTC 2013

On Wednesday 22 May 2013 09:21:14 O. Sinclair wrote:
> For Raring they are in updates, for Quantal in kubuntu-backports. That 
> at the moment looks like as mix of 4.10.2 and -3 packages
> /Sinclair

The Mix of 4.10.2 and 4.10.3 packages results from a difference check we do before updating the packages and is intentional. The packages that are kept at .2 simply had no change in .3 so we skipped updating them as they would've been identical to .2.
That way you don't need to download useless updates.

Philip Muskovac

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