Rogue process??

Nils Kassube kassube at
Fri May 17 04:30:34 UTC 2013

Paul Kaplan wrote:
> I did apt-get update this morning on a Raring system and found kernel
> updates for 3.8.0-21. After issuing apt-get upgrade, I got a bunch of
> errors, all of which end with "No space left on device".
> I installed the system on an 11Gb partition (with /home on a separate
> partition) and it initially took up about 5.5Gb. When I investigated
> the above error, / was 100% full with no available space. Further
> investigation showed that only all the directories added up to ~5.5Gb
> of files

With a separate /home you could have written something to the mount 
point before the separate /home partition was mounted. Therefore I would 
suggest to (temporarily) umount /home and check the use of that 
directory without the separate partition mounted.


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