Plasma Desktop Crashes

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Thu May 9 13:39:58 UTC 2013

Had a similar problem. Corrected by renaming ~/.kde and then restarting kde. Was a PITA to reconfigure the UI, but I haven't had a problem since. 

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I am experiencing frequent crashes of the Plasma Destop since upgrading to 13.4 Is there a patch/fix for this yet? Also is anyone else having the same issue? It seems to be a rather random thing as switching desktops can cause it, opening a new program also seems to cause it, but not evertime. Raandom crashes also seem to occur. Sometimes the desktop reloads but a few times I have had to log out and reload to get it back. Any insight, or solution info. would be appericated and thanks in advance 

Running Kubuntu 13.4 on a duel core 220 Pentium Toshiba Satellite L455 w/4G of RAM and an Intell Vid chipset Have been running Ubuntu/Windows on this machine since Ubuntu 12.4 and Win7. Upgraded to Ubuntu 12.10 and added KDE Desktop then upgraded to Win8 all with no major problems. Upgraded to Kubuntu 13.4 and ran machine for several (4-5) days with no problems after doing first system reboot problems started occuring. Again thx in advance for any knowledge or solutions to this issue. 
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