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On Saturday 29 June 2013 17:13:31 Gene Heskett did opine:


> Hello all;
> I'm on 10.04.4 LTS yet, and have a 'mail' problem, as it is either
> sending to ~/dead.letter or straight into a /dev/null.  It did work a
> year ago, and I have no clue when it stopped working because I had
> temporarily stopped using the backup app, amanda, that used it.
> Googling for mail's mailing list only gets me 20 some pages of people
> trying to sell a mailng list, or how to setup mailman to run a list.
> So, does anyone know where I can join the "mail" mailing list?
> Thanks.
> Cheers, Gene

Well, since there seems not to be anyone knowledgeable about "mail-Mail-
mailx (they are all the same ack the man page) and my install doesn't seem 
to even give me the responses that the manpage talks about, (-d does 
nothing, and -v for verbose has to be threatened to get any kind of a 
message out of it, none of which is the least bit useful for debugging.

So now I am asking what I can install that replaces mail with a 
transparent, works like mail is supposed to, equivalent?  All I really need 
is to restore the ability of a process, running as any user, to send me a 
completion status msg.  Is the not such a beast?


Cheers, Gene
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