Mail question?

Gene Heskett gheskett at
Thu Jun 27 20:04:17 UTC 2013


I've been running amanda for backup for about a decade & change, and all 
this time it has Just Worked(TM) to have amanda email me a copy of the 
backup report, essentially the same thing it sends to the printer, which it 
now is doing correctly.  But I had stopped it about a year ago for some 
reason, and now when I have started it back up, it is not sending me any 
mail, nor can I send myself mail if I su amanda to run mail -v [my-local-

Anybody with a clue where this is falling over, better yet, a way to trace 
it after I hit the 2nd ctrl-D to send it?  With the -v option, I get this 
on the cli:

root at coyote:/var/log# su amanda -c "mail -v gene at coyote.coyote.den"
Subject: testing Mail
now is the time
Cc: Mail Delivery Status Report will be mailed to <amanda>.
root at coyote:/var/log# ls -l ../spool/mail/
total 0
-rw-r--r-- 1 amanda disk   0 2013-06-22 21:38 amanda

Any clues appreciated, thanks.

Cheers, Gene
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