External Backup Disk Drive

Phil phil_lor at bigpond.com
Sat Jun 22 04:20:41 UTC 2013

On 22/06/13 12:01, Ramesh Rao wrote:
> All,
> I just today bought Seagate Backup Plus (2TB) external drive. It seems
> to come with Windows/Mac2 compatible auto-backup software.
> My question is :
> 1. the auto backup software may not work under Linux. In that event
> would manual backup be possible?
> 2. Kubuntu has "Lucky Backup" software. Would that work on these Seagate
> Drives. (I personally see no reason not to..)
> I just wanted to be sure..

I've used Luckybackup for quite awhile and it works well. I have two 
external USB drives for backups, just in case.


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