Even while writing this e-mail, the system 'froze' several times.

Errol Sapir errol at tzora.co.il
Thu Jun 6 11:15:15 UTC 2013

Hi Bas
I have been having the same problem as you. My "freezing" is not as 
frequent as yours. Mine happens maybe once or twice a day, and sometimes 
goes for days without "freezing". My computer is desktop not a laptop. 
When I brought up the subject many months ago (I think on the "official" 
Kubuntu forum) most people tried to steer me in the direction of a 
computer problem (memory or hard drive, etc.) The only reason I doubted 
that analysis was the fact that in Windows 7 (my computer dual boots) 
there was no problem. Only with Kubuntu 12.10 and now 13.04 do I have 
the problem. I haven't contributed much if finding the problem but at 
least I now know that I am not alone and maybe the problem isn't with my 
computer but with Kubuntu. If you find anything Kubuntu related please 
keep me informed.

On 06/06/2013 01:57 PM, Bas G. Roufs - En. wrote:
> Hello Everybody ,
> ever since Kubuntu 12.04 , the system 'freezes' several times each day.
> Especially, when multitasking, the system gets stuck suddenly - at such a
> moment, nothing is possible any more except taking out the battery and
> restarting the system altogether. But also when working ONLY with e.g..
> Firefox or Kontact, something like this can happen. Now, I  am working ONLY
> with Kontact - however, the system froze already several times while I was
> writing this e-mail. I also needed one time to forcibly terminate and restart
> Kontact.
> At present, I am working at a netbook, HP Pavilion dm 1 - AMD Dualcore 1,66
> GHz, 500  GB HD, 32 bits. The system now is a fresh install of Kubuntu 13.04,
> along with KDE 4.10.2.
> My question: how can I get the system running more smoothly? Any thoughts and
> advises appreciated.
> Respectfully yours,
> Bas Roufs.

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