BlueGriffon, Kate and FileZilla : a golden combination for web page editing.

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02 Haziran 2013 Pazar 10:26:04 tarihinde TuxMario DeTreb şöyle yazmıştı:

Hello Bas

Thanks a lot for your answers ... but the issue still exist

I removed my local installation (BlueGriffon was installed in my Home 
directory) : rm -rf ~/bluegriffon 
I removed BlueGriffon working directory : rm -rf .disruptive\ innovations\ sarl 
I confirmed that BlueGriffon is not installed by trying to remove it : sudo apt-
get purge bluegriffon 
I cleaned my installation : sudo apt-get autoremove 
I used Muon to install BlueGriffon (repository GetDeb was active) (2 packets 
were installet (bluegriffon and bluegriffon-data)) 
I checked availability of BlueGriffon (which bluegriffon  ==> 
I logout and logon 
I started bluegriffon : bluegriffon 
and the error message still pop up (Your BlueGriffon profile cannot be loaded. 
It may be missing or inaccessible) 
Console was 
(process:13687): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion `sys_page_size 
== 0' failed
Error: Access was denied while trying to open files in your profile directory.

Any other ideas are welcome

Respectfully yours :TuxMario

Le 01/06/2013 12:11, Bas Roufs a écrit :

Hello TuxMario,

Here is my advise for you. 

1. Completely UNinstall the BlueGriffon package you have now in your system.

2. Check your software sources.

3. Install BlueGriffon 1.7 via the repository.

Step 1. Completely UNintall...

Try the following commandline command: apt-get purge BlueGriffon. 

I am not sure whether this will work in case you have installed BlueGriffon 
directly from it's website. In that case, try to do so via Muon or via the 
Uninstall option from BlueGriffon itself.

Step 2. Check your software sources.

Did you already add to your software sources? (See: Muon > 
settings.) If not, go to the instruction page:

Add the GetDeb repository via the "getdeb package" you can download from that 
page - see nr. 1. Or add that repository manually: see nr.  2.

STEP 3. Install BlueGriffon 1.7.
FORGET about the steps mentioned under nr. 3, 4 and 5 at the 
instruction page. Instead, simply install BlueGriffon via Muon package manager. 
Give in "BlueGriffon" in the search window. You will see BlueGriffon and 
BlueGriffon-data popping up. Install both packages. 

!! The commandline install does not work in this case!!

Respectfully yours,

2013/6/1 TuxMario DeTreb <tuxmario.detreb at>

Le 31/05/2013 15:16, Bas G. Roufs - En. a écrit :

Hello Christoph and Everybody. 
This is a good moment to shortly evaluate a golden combination for web page 
editing: BlueGriffon, Kate and FileZilla. 
At present, I am using "BlueGriffon"as well as "Kate" more and more for web 
page editing - now via the platform "Kubuntu 13.04", along with "KDE 4.10.2. 
Last week, the new version BlueGriffon 1.7 came in via an update. I am really 
happy that this package is being maintained so well and frequently - the 
package has really become better and better ever since I started using it. In 
fact, "BlueGriffon" popped up for me just in time. A similar package is 
"Kompozer" - however, that one is not being maintained any more ever since 
about 2010. Also "Quanta Plus" is not available any more. Internet pages I 
used to maintain with Kompozer, contained several little mistakes I discovered 
and took away with "BlueGriffon". A very useful feature of the latter package 
consists of several possibilities to identify and correct mistakes in the HTML 
coding of a web page. By example <a> - tags are red, as long as something is 
missing (e.g.. an </a> -tag) or incorrect, turn blue when you are on the good 
way when typing codes, and finally become green when everything is correct and 
complete. Moreover, if some specific important code is missing somewhere after 
editing a page, BlueGriffon suggests which missing code to exactly bring in 
A few months ago, I reported a bug because of which it is not possible to 
immediately open a local .html file. When trying to do so, BlueGriffon does 
start, but does not open the file. That's why, for the time being, I use a 
simple "workaround": , I open local .html files via BlueGriffon itself. At some 
quiet moment, Christoph, I will try out your suggestions in this context and 
report my experience afterwords. 
In this context, BlueGriffon has another useful feature. It opens in tabs the 
html pages of the latest session: under the condition that you leave those 
pages in open tabs, while quitting the package. 
"Kate" I use as a very useful auxiliary package - for typing code, for copy -
pasting specific bunches of code to other pages, etc... I also use it to open 
and edit .css files. When editing a .html page, I get a kind of colour feedback 
similar to that in BlueGriffon. 
Yesterday the two window system in the Firefox add-on "FireFTP" broke down 
because of a reason I still do not understand. That's why, I have tried 
"FileZilla" for remote file transfer purposes - I am really satisfied about it. 
It works much better then "FireFTP". Especially when uploading a large 
quantity of updated web files, "FileZilla" works simply excellently. 
Respectfully yours, 
Bas G. Roufs. 

Bas G. Roufs MA 
Van 't Hoffstraat 1; NL - 3514 VT Utrecht 
E. BasRoufs at; Mob. +31 6 446 835 10; Tel. +31 30 785 20 40. 
Open source OS: Kubuntu 13.04, see .
Websites in construction: ;; 

Hello Everybody

I  use BlueGriffon, BlueFish and Kate for web page edition and gFtp for site 
Today i tried to upgrade my BlueGriffon (I was using 1.5.2) and I reached a 

When I start the new release i get the message : Your BlueGriffon profile cannot 
be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible

What i have done

I renamed my old release (mv bluegriffon bluegriffonOLD) 
I removed the Griffon profil directory (rm -R .disruptive\ innovations\ sarl ) 
I downloaded the new compressed tar file (bluegriffon-1.7.Ubuntu13.04-
x86_64.tar.bz2) I'm running Kubuntu 13.04 64bits 
I ran tar command ( tar jxvf bluegriffon-1.7.Ubuntu13.04-x86_64.tar.bz2) 
I started bluegriffon ( ./bluegriffon/bluegriffon) and got a pop up window with 
the error message 
NB : All files and directories belong to my home user/group

Any help is welcome

Regards : TuxMario

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drs. Bas G. Roufs 
Van 't Hoffstraat 1; NL - 3514 VT Utrecht 
E. BasRoufs at; Mob. +31 6 446 835 10; Tel. +31 30 785 20 40. 
Open source OS: Kubuntu 12.10, see .
Websites in construction: ;; . 

İts from BlueGriffon webpage.


Warning: you may have to delete your BlueGriffon profile if you installed a 
preview version or Release Candidate of this v1.7 or if you have trouble 
changing the language of the interface. You will have to re-install your add-
ons after that. 

on Mac OS X: delete ~/Library/Application\ Support/BlueGriffon
on Windows XP: delete c:\Documents and Settings\yourlogin\Application 
Data\Disruptive Innovations SARL
on Windows 7: delete c:\Users\yourlogin\AppData\Roaming\Disruptive Innovations 
on Linux: delete ~/.disruptive\ innovations\ sarl
How to remove Babylon if you need it for installs <=1.6.2

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