BlueGriffon, Kate and FileZilla : a golden combination for web page editing.

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Sat Jun 1 09:32:55 UTC 2013

Le 31/05/2013 15:16, Bas G. Roufs - En. a écrit :
> Hello Christoph and Everybody.
> This is a good moment to shortly evaluate a golden combination for web 
> page editing: BlueGriffon, Kate and FileZilla.
> At present, I am using "BlueGriffon"as well as "Kate" more and more 
> for web page editing - now via the platform "Kubuntu 13.04", along 
> with "KDE 4.10.2.
> Last week, the new version BlueGriffon 1.7 came in via an update. I am 
> really happy that this package is being maintained so well and 
> frequently - the package has really become better and better ever 
> since I started using it. In fact, "BlueGriffon" popped up for me just 
> in time. A similar package is "Kompozer" - however, that one is not 
> being maintained any more ever since about 2010. Also "Quanta Plus" is 
> not available any more. Internet pages I used to maintain with 
> Kompozer, contained several little mistakes I discovered and took away 
> with "BlueGriffon". A very useful feature of the latter package 
> consists of several possibilities to identify and correct mistakes in 
> the HTML coding of a web page. By example <a> - tags are red, as long 
> as something is missing (e.g.. an </a> -tag) or incorrect, turn blue 
> when you are on the good way when typing codes, and finally become 
> green when everything is correct and complete. Moreover, if some 
> specific important code is missing somewhere after editing a page, 
> BlueGriffon suggests which missing code to exactly bring in where.
> A few months ago, I reported a bug because of which it is not possible 
> to immediately open a local .html file. When trying to do so, 
> BlueGriffon does start, but does not open the file. That's why, for 
> the time being, I use a simple "workaround": , I open local .html 
> files via BlueGriffon itself. At some quiet moment, Christoph, I will 
> try out your suggestions in this context and report my experience 
> afterwords.
> In this context, BlueGriffon has another useful feature. It opens in 
> tabs the html pages of the latest session: under the condition that 
> you leave those pages in open tabs, while quitting the package.
> "Kate" I use as a very useful auxiliary package - for typing code, for 
> copy -pasting specific bunches of code to other pages, etc... I also 
> use it to open and edit .css files. When editing a .html page, I get a 
> kind of colour feedback similar to that in BlueGriffon.
> Yesterday the two window system in the Firefox add-on "FireFTP" broke 
> down because of a reason I still do not understand. That's why, I have 
> tried "FileZilla" for remote file transfer purposes - I am really 
> satisfied about it. It works much better then "FireFTP". Especially 
> when uploading a large quantity of updated web files, "FileZilla" 
> works simply excellently.
> Respectfully yours,
> Bas G. Roufs.
> -- 
> Bas G. Roufs MA
> Van 't Hoffstraat 1; NL - 3514 VT Utrecht
> E. BasRoufs at <mailto:BasRoufs at>; Mob. +31 6 446 835 
> 10; Tel. +31 30 785 20 40.
> Open source OS: Kubuntu 13.04, see <>.
> Websites in construction: ;; 

Hello Everybody

I  use BlueGriffon, BlueFish and Kate for web page edition and gFtp for 
site updating
Today i tried to upgrade my BlueGriffon (I was using 1.5.2) and I 
reached a problem.

When I start the new release i get the message : *Your BlueGriffon 
profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible*

What i have done

  * I renamed my old release (mv bluegriffon bluegriffonOLD)
  * I removed the Griffon profil directory (rm -R .disruptive\
    innovations\ sarl )
  * I downloaded the new compressed tar file
    (bluegriffon-1.7.Ubuntu13.04-x86_64.tar.bz2) I'm running Kubuntu
    13.04 64bits
  * I ran tar command ( tar jxvf bluegriffon-1.7.Ubuntu13.04-x86_64.tar.bz2)
  * I started bluegriffon ( ./bluegriffon/bluegriffon) and got a pop up
    window with the error message

NB : All files and directories belong to my home user/group

Any help is welcome

Regards : TuxMario

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