Dual^H^H^H^Hmulti boot with windows 7

Felix Miata mrmazda at earthlink.net
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On 2013-12-06 11:53 (GMT) kubuntu composed:

> I have built a new computer and after many tries to install kubuntu
> 13:10 and failing each time, I think because the boot and windows disc
> is a SSD and has a GPT partition as do my other discs.

> So I filtted another hard disc and disconnected all of the other discs
> and installed kubuntu using the "use all disc" option.
> This installation went well and I have booted into kubuntu and all
> worked well.
> I have now re-connected all of my other discs and when I boot the
> computer windows 7 starts.

> How do I get the windows boot system to offer an option for kubuntu on
> startup or how do I get kubuntu to offer a choice to boot into windows
> considering windows is on a GPT disc.

You might find it easier to go into the system BIOS setup menu and enable the 
menu to choose which HD to boot from each time. Check out 
http://neosmart.net/EasyBCD/ too.

You might wish to start over with that new HD, reserving some space for a 2nd 
Linux /, and making /home separate, so at upgrade time you can choose new 
install without wiping out your existing well working Kubuntu. It allows to 
test a new installation (realistically, unlike live media boots, which are 
slower and often limiting), or another distro, without wiping out what you 
have, and enabling the older to use as a repair tool if and when necessary.
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