Dual boot with windows 7

kubuntu kubuntu at appjaws.plus.com
Fri Dec 6 11:53:40 UTC 2013

I have built a new computer and after many tries to install kubuntu 
13:10 and failing each time, I think because the boot and windows disc 
is a SSD and has a GPT partition as do my other discs.

So I filtted another hard disc and disconnected all of the other discs 
and installed kubuntu using the "use all disc" option.
This installation went well and I have booted into kubuntu and all 
worked well.
I have now re-connected all of my other discs and when I boot the 
computer windows 7 starts.

How do I get the windows boot system to offer an option for kubuntu on 
startup or how do I get kubuntu to offer a choice to boot into windows 
considering windows is on a GPT disc.

I hope the above is clear
Thank you for any help
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