Upgrade from KUbuntu 13.04 Beta 2 to KUbuntu 13.04 release.

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Thu Apr 25 00:35:44 UTC 2013

Christer Wickman <christer_wickman at telia.com> wrote:

>Hello Everybody
>I installed KUbuntu 13.04 Beta 2 on my computer. And was wondering what
>will happen when they do release the real one? Will it upgrade to the
>real release of KUbuntu 13.04 or do one need to download it and burn it
>on DVD? My second question is about Google Chrome. I try to install on
>KUbuntu 13.04 Beta 2. But every time I try I get message that it
>doesn't meet with approval of the system. Why is it like that? Is it
>because I installed KUbuntu 13.04 Beta 2? I hope that you can help me
>with these questions. 
>Christer Wickman
>Sent from Huawei Mobile

No need to reinstall. Just do regular package updates and you'll have the fi.al release. 

Scott K

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