Something the update-manager installed has a huge memory leak

Nils Kassube kassube at
Wed Apr 17 17:45:22 UTC 2013

Gene Heskett wrote:
> I rebooted late yesterday & didn't do anything worse than a little
> solitaire after that, went to bed.  By the time I get up, the machine
> is extremely unresponsive with the update-managers screen sitting on
> top of kmail.  No response to clicking on any buttons.  Click on the
> workspace where I keep a terminal running, and start htop.  In 7
> hours of uptime I am 469 megs into swap!
> Back to the kmail workspace, click on the install button quite a few
> times, and it finally wakes up and does this mornings updates.  Then
> I reboot. And I haven't started about 5 more 'tails' I usually have
> running, but on a machine with 4Gb of dram, at 1h:36m into this new
> reboot, I am already 1 megabyte into swap, something that normally
> takes 3 or 4 days.
> Anybody have any clues as to what the update-manager has installed on
> 10.04-4 LTS in the last 2-3 days that has a huge leak?

While I have no idea what update was installed lately on your machine, I 
would suggest to disable swap. Unless you want to hibernate the machine, 
it shouldn't be really necessary with 4GB of RAM. Furthermore you could 
try to find out which application is using all your RAM. I'm not sure, 
but something like


could be a start to find the culprit. My guess would be flash.

> Full powerdown reboot, coming right up, but this is to get rid of
> virtuoso- t, whatever the hell that is.

IIRC, virtuoso-t is the database for nepomuk, i.e. desktop search.


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