Tried Unity for a bit

Girard Henri girardhenri at
Sat Sep 29 19:35:00 UTC 2012

Le 29/09/2012 13:37, Lindsay Mathieson a écrit :
> Liked it at first, I tend towards minimalist interfaces. My KDE env is 
> setup very much like Unity.
> Found Evolution and Thunderbird a bit painful after Kontact, but it 
> was good to see gmail contact and calendar integration working well in 
> Evolution.
> Then I tried to use the file manager (Nautilus?) to copy a video file 
> from my home dir to a SAMBA share on my myth box. Holy crap that was 
> painful - no split windows, lousy breadcrumb navigation, a lack of 
> detail on screen.
> Deal breaker, went back to KDE, felt like a breath of fresh air.
> Until virtuoso_t grabbed 100% of one core and the desktop froze for 60 
> seconds+
> sigh.
> -- 
> Lindsay
I liked gnome3 over kde4 because it's quicker. I am surprised about 
nautilus, because it works fine here, much better than dolphin (maybe 
it's a matter of habit ?).
I liked thunderbird because with hotmail and gmail it configures 
I prefer kde4 themes and specially qtcurve aqua but as it works fine 
with gtk2 I am very happy (not yet working with gtk-3. I find gnome3 
themes to dark that's horrible. But as I don't know how to do it I keep 
to it. I use fakeosx but now in gnome3 it's not too nice. kde4 has 
wonderfull themes.
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