WIFI/ KNetworkmanager: very good at one netbook, weird behaviour at another one.

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Sat Sep 29 12:02:18 UTC 2012

Bas Roufs - En. wrote:
> at present I am having a weird experience with WIFI. I have two
> "netbooks" with each a fully updated "fresh" install of Kubuntu
> 12.04, along with KDE 4.9.1.
> At one netbook, a Eee PC 1001 HA, KNetworkmanager functions in a
> excellent way, also when using WIFI.
> The other netbook is a HP Pavilion dm 1. Though I have there exactly
> the same OS-GUI combination, I cannot really rely on WIFI: not via
> KNetworkmanager, also not via "WICD".

When you installed wicd, did you remove networkmanager? If you don't do 
that, both nm and wicd would fight each other configuring the wifi 
interface. In the end none of them wins and there is only intermittent 

OTOH, if you made sure that only one of nm or wicd wass installed at a 
time, I would assume that the reason is the kernel driver for your 
hardware. You can find out which hardware is installed in your machine 
with the command

sudo lshw -C network

in a terminal. If you tell us which hardware is in use, it may be easier 
to determine what could be done to achieve a reliable wifi connection.


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