Can't stop Dolphin from opening!

George Dvorak gldvorak at
Thu Sep 27 19:57:06 UTC 2012

1. When an app is running wild one cannot access anything. How would I
be able to access System Settings? I did try!

2. This has happened twice over several weeks time. So settings are
hardly the cause, unless it is a combination of a setting and some
action that I took.

Be careful of your answers! If I were a complete novice, as are many
who ask for help, an answer like this would really frustrate.

>From the lack of response I will take it that mine was a very uncommon


On 9/26/12, Kaj Haulrich <kaj at> wrote:
> On 09/26/2012 10:28 PM, George Dvorak wrote:
>> A few days ago and a couple of weeks prior somehow Dolphin began
>> starting one instance after another. Remember the classic Disney movie
>> where Mickey invokes the magic command that causes the broom to fetch
>> water. He is quickly inundated because he does not know the incantation
>> to stop the flood. That is where I was. I don't know what I did to start
>> the deluge. I had Dolphin open and then clicked on s folder.
>> Rebooting did not help, I tried more than once. Eventually the well ran
>> dry and the deluge stopped. I do not know why. Can anyone enlighten me?
>> George
> You could try:
> System settings --> Startup and Shutdown --> Session Management,
> then  make sure that 'On Login' is set to start with an empty session.
> Logout and login anew. Dolphin should behave itself now.
> Kaj Haulrich.
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