Upgraded to kmail2--mostly successful but that unpleasant

Michael Hirsch mdhirsch at gmail.com
Sun Sep 23 02:37:04 UTC 2012

On Sep 15, 2012 1:22 AM, "O. Sinclair" <o.sinclair at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 14/09/2012 08:15, Michael Hirsch wrote:
>> So I finally upgraded kubuntu this week.  I went from 11.04 to 11.10 to
>> 12.04.  In the middle I only booted long enough to start the upgrade--I
>> didn't test to see if everything worked.
>> It seems to have gone fairly smoothly, except for kmail.  kmail wouldn't
>> start, and would tell me to run the upgrader interactively, but when I
>> ran it it would say it had already run.  I
>> deleted ~/.kde4/share/config/kmail-migratorrc and it ran, supposedly
>> successfully, but then kmail would not run.
>> Following some internet sleuthing, I deleted ~/.kde/share/apps/akonadi
>> and ~/.config/akonadi and my .kmail2rc and it finally ran, and even
>> figured out some of my email accounts.  But all my mail is missing!
>> There is a File->Import Messages menu item that looks promising.  Maybe
>> I can import all my emails and then I will be able to read them.  There
>> is a likely sounding "Import KMail Maildirs and Folder Structure" item
>> in a drop-down.  Of course, it warns me not to import ~/Mail, which is
>> where my mail is, but I think it is just confused.  Why should it worry
>> about infinitely looping on importing mail when kmail now stores my mail
>> in a mysql database?
>> There is a funny warning that I don't really understand: "Since it is
>> possible to recreate the folder structure, the folders will be stored
>> under: "KMail-Import" in your local folder."  Should that be "Since it
>> is impossible..."?  I still don't understand, but oh well.  I'll try it.
>> So I click the button below "Please select the folder to import to" and
>> choose to import to a subfolder in my local email.
>> The next part is a disaster.  I have hundreds of email folders, and the
>> dialog makes me start over for each one.  So I have to pick where to
>> import to, then navigate to a folder and select it.  Ultimately I find
>> that I can multi-select all my mbox folders at once and do a big import.
>>   They get imported into folders named MBOX-oldname.  Why they developer
>> thinks I care that they used to be in mbox format I can't imagine.  Now
>> I have to go rename them all, but at least they loaded quickly.
>> Now I still have lots of slightly newer maildir folders to import.  It
>> takes me a long time to realize that if never actually lets me select a
>> maildir folder and say okay.  If I select a folder the dialog enters
>> that folder showing the sub-folders.  Finally, I just give up and I
>> click "okay" when I've entered the folder in question with nothing
>> inside selected.  Wow, it actually starts importing all my folders.
>> Moronically, it is putting every folder into a KMail-import folder, but
>> I guess I was warned.  I still don't understand why it would do that.
>> So, I guess the upshot is that it worked, mostly.  I still get the
>> heebie-jeebies at the thought of keeping all my mail in mysql instead of
>> easily to read mbox and maildir folders, and I have all my folders named
>> stupidly, but it looks like I haven't lost my mail.  That's good.
>> This has probably been the worst upgrade experience I've had in my
>> almost 20 years of running Linux.  I can't believe that anyone thought
>> this was a good idea, or that it was ready to use.  Since I got past the
>> kmail crashing instantly it has only crashed twice--but I've only been
>> running it a couple of hours.
>> Let's hope that no more big changes are coming.
>> Michael
> Well, did you read the - by now old - kubuntu advise to not upgrade but
do a "move/backup your email, set up new kmail and then import your stuff"

Yes, I did see that advise, but I trends to like to sees things for
myself.  Maybe not the smartest approach, sometimes.

> I tried "migrate" at least twice and then gave up. Moved my mails away,
created fresh KMail and imported mails. Worked way better though I also had
to move all folders from "KMail-imported" to where I wanted them in "Local
> And yes, though 4.9 is the best KMail2 this far it still unstable if you
ask me. Accidentally moved a folder with subfolders to another folder (hate
clickpads, give me touchpad with clickbuttons any day) and moving it back
caused some sort of database total hickup. I eventually sorted it, though
it took me literally hours and CPU nearly burnt out.
> But this is why my wife use Thunderbird and not KMail - she would just
have sat there and "where the h..l did all the mails disappear to"?

I think your wife I'd right.  I'm going to switch to thunderbird as soon as
I figure out how to import my maildir folders.

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