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Alex Leach beamesleach at
Tue Nov 27 09:06:49 UTC 2012

On Tuesday 27 Nov 2012 12:45:52 Lindsay Mathieson wrote:

> I'm running KDE 4.10 beta vuia a raring VM. Definitely many improvements on
> 4.9 (hich was a big improvement on 4.8). Full text message search finally
> seems to be working, though it took several days for nepomuk to index my
> large imap account (20,000+ messages)

Thought I'd throw in my 2 pennies..

I've been using Kontact since KDE 10.10 and from my experience I agree that 
the backend is quite fragile. I've had to clear out my Akonadi database and 
start from scratch at least a few times over the years. Since upgrading to 
Kubuntu 12.10 - which required me to start the Akonadi database from scratch 
on my desktop, but not my laptop - Kontact et al have been quite stable.

I agree that it's slowly getting better, but my main gripe is the virtuoso-t 
process. That little sucker uses the CPU far too much, every time I log in. I 
don't know what it's doing, but no other PIM database needs to use the CPU so 
intensively. If it could be made more efficient, I'd be a lot happier with 
Kontact et al.

Another gripe I have is with Akonadi's notifications. I haven't found a way to 
turn off the bell when an IMAP command fails. This is especially annoying when 
I'm watching a movie in 5.1 surround sound, as Pulseaudio needs to unbind from 
Alsa, revert to stereo, play the bell, then silence, before reconnecting to my 
sound card in DTS or Dolby Digital 5.1. Even after quitting Kontact, Akonadi 
still keeps trying to log in to my IMAP account. If it fails, then that 
annoying bell rears its ugly head.

Zimbra looks cool; thanks for the recommendation; a bit unnecessary for a 
standalone machine perhaps, but I like the idea of checking my emails through 
HTTP(S), as my ISP blocks SMTP (port 25) connections.

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