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Kyle Horatio Kosmo kayhkay at
Wed Nov 21 05:01:27 UTC 2012

On 21/11/12 11:01, Leslie Anne Chatterton wrote:
> I am not a Facebook user either, but that's another story.
> The Netrunner beta I downloaded yesterday loaded fine from the live
> image on flash media. I left it on all night and it seemed either frozen
> or very sluggish today so I reisub'ed it and am now installing it.
> It looks nice but I've installed enough different distros to know that a
> pretty face is the easy part; it's ease of use, flexibility and
> stability that really count and I'll stick with Kubuntu for that.
> So far it's a "textbook" installation but I will probably only keep it
> around until something else catches my fancy.

How about Zorin 6.1 (2012/11/07)? :-)

I am not a 'sophisticated' user but understand that beta versions can be 
pretty 'challenging' to operate and am therefore inclined sticking to 
Netrunner 4.2.1 (dryland).

> I hope you do find out more on Saturday and enjoy Netrunner.


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