Accidentally set a root passwd

Basil Chupin blchupin at
Fri May 11 14:19:54 UTC 2012

On 12/05/12 00:00, anj.tuesday at wrote:
> Am Freitag, den 11.05.2012, 23:50 +1000 schrieb Basil Chupin:
>> On 11/05/12 23:36, anj.tuesday at wrote:
>>> I mis-used the passwd command and I think I ended up setting a root
>>> password that I now can't seem to remember. At least entering
>>> recovery mode prompts for a root password now, and none will do.
>>> Sudo works fine, so is there a way to disable the root password from
>>> there?
>>> Thanks in advance,
>>> Anja
>> Yes, but go and do a search on your problem and you will find a "ton" of
>> answers on how to do it :-) .
>> And doing some research for yourself will teach you not to forget
>> passwords that you set :-) .
>> BC
> But I so prefer doing blindly what I'm told and hosing my system
> even more!

That's the spirit! :-) .

But seriously, look at it from this angle: I don't know where you are 
but where I am right now it is just past midnight and it is 0008 hours 
on Saturday 12 May but in Los Angeles it is 0800 hours on Friday and 
1008 hours in New York.

Now, you were fortunate to find that someone was awake and available to 
give you the answer otherwise you may have had to wait for hours and 
hours before someone who knew the answer would even read your post. So, 
the first thing to do is to use the web and search for the answer. But 
you also some most excellent sources of information in the K/Ubuntu 
Documentation - - but (possibly even 
better) also Launchpad - .

I must admit that when searching the net for an answer not only will you 
get some gems but you will also get some furphies which will turn your 
system into mush if you follow what they say. So, the best places to go 
first are the 2 I just mentioned - Documentation and Launchpad. Cannot 
find the answer there - then ask in this mail list or the Ubuntu mail list.


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