What can I do to get this Virtuoso backend project started again - with a view to structurally resolve the worst KMAIL problems?

Lindsay Mathieson lindsay.mathieson at gmail.com
Tue May 8 13:16:09 UTC 2012

On Tue, 8 May 2012 02:50:22 PM Bas Roufs - message in English wrote:
> Pls. explain briefly what I (and perhaps some others) can do to get this
> Virtuoso backend project started again - something like this could
> structurally resolve problems with KMail and Kontact.

Not necessarily. I don't think the choice of DB back-end has much to do with 
kmail problems.

I'm not even sure if they would be a good match -virtuoso is a RDF db, mysql 
is a relational db, they are fundamentally different.

POOMA U here:

The main problems with Kmail appear to be:

- virtuoso. The search backend for akonadi. Can be a resource hog and has 
bugs. When it fails it make akonadi look bad.

- akonadi resource. These do the actual pull/push of data - the imap resource 
etc. When the fail they make akonadi look bad.

- akonadi. Its the data backend and has its share of problems. When it fails 
it makes kmail look bad.

- Kmail. Getting pretty good now I think.

(Real kdepim devs feel free to correct me with a sledgehammer if necessary)

Part of the problem I think is the long chain of dependant components, any one 
of which can bring it all crashing down. For a long while I think there was 
poor documentation, constantly evolving apis and poor logging which led to a 
lot of issues.

But that really seems to be working out now - kdepim is achieving some 
maturity. The kontact suite is way more capable and stable than it was a year 
ago. IMAP is pretty solid, Calendar and Contact sync with ical, kolab and 
google is working well know - google imap/contacts/calendar is a sweet 
combination for me, well synced between desktop, web and android phone.

Still lots of issues to be worked on - client side imap filters seem somewhat 
buggy. Search still very erratic. Address completion ... 

But they are actively be worked on. Major plumbing and infrastructure is 
looking good. Finally seeing some of that akonadi/nepomuk promise. I like 
seeing my calendar events automatically show in plasma date widgets. Dolphin 
nepomuk searchs are showing my emails - if only they could display them :)

Its getting there.

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