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Thu Jun 28 16:09:55 UTC 2012

On Thursday 28 June 2012 12:08:30 Bill Vance did opine:

> On Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 09:58:31PM -0400, Jerry Lapham wrote:
> >Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2012 21:58:31 -0400
> >From: Jerry Lapham <rjlapham at>
> >Subject: Re: Firefox Printing
> >
> >On Wednesday, June 27, 2012 06:42:11 PM Bill Vance wrote:
> >> I was printing out a long html file using Firefox 13.0, when
> >> something else went screwy and caused the machine to reboot.
> >> 
> >> There's about a tenth of the file left to print, and I've no
> >> idea how to tell firefox, (or any other browser), to only print
> >> the part I need done.
> >> 
> >> Anyone got something on tap that'll do the trick?
> >
> >I like to see what my printout will look like before I waste toner and
> >paper on it so I always "print" to PDF, then print the .pdf file if it
> >looks OK.
> >
> >That might work even in your case if the early pages you've already
> >printed correspond with the pages of the .pdf file.  You could then
> >print only the missing pages.
> Where is this option made available?  I can't find it on
> either of the print options.
> Bill

There is a 'cups-pdf' package that adds that capability.  It shows up in 
your list of available printers when installed, at 

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