Backtrack IP resets every few minutes

uteck theuteck at
Thu Jun 28 14:18:03 UTC 2012

Check to see if network manager got installed somehow.

On Thu, Jun 28, 2012 at 9:06 AM, TopBot . <topbot5 at> wrote:
> Hi, I've been using backtrack 5 since a year on the same system and the same
> lan card. Since yesterday, my IP resets every 2-3 minutes and I have to
> repeatedly add "ifconfig eth0 192.168.xx.xx" and "route add default gw
> 192.168.xx.xx" to it to keep it running. Can't seem to find the solution
> after a few google searches. Any one has any idea what's wrong? I have dual
> boot and windows xp is working just fine on the same lan.
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