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Jerry Lapham rjlapham at
Thu Jun 28 01:58:31 UTC 2012

On Wednesday, June 27, 2012 06:42:11 PM Bill Vance wrote:
> I was printing out a long html file using Firefox 13.0, when
> something else went screwy and caused the machine to reboot.
> There's about a tenth of the file left to print, and I've no
> idea how to tell firefox, (or any other browser), to only print
> the part I need done.
> Anyone got something on tap that'll do the trick?

I like to see what my printout will look like before I waste toner and paper 
on it so I always "print" to PDF, then print the .pdf file if it looks OK.

That might work even in your case if the early pages you've already printed 
correspond with the pages of the .pdf file.  You could then print only the 
missing pages.

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