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Ryan Gauger rtgkid at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 13:47:49 UTC 2012

I am with you - I don’t have this problem currently, but I can definitely
understand how irritating that can be. With Maverick, the player would just
crash about a minute into whatever I was watching at the time, it did not
matter if it was Youtube, Vimeo, or the local weather, it just crashed. I
finally found out this was a bug not necessarily in Kubuntu, but in the
flash player version that came with it. This may be what is happening with
your player. Sorry to not be of much help.

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 *From:* Bruce Marshall <bmarsh at bmarsh.com>
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*Subject:* Flash Problems

Running 12.04 on an AMD64 machine with an Nvidia 9400 card.

For the past 2 or three releases of Kubuntu the flash player does not show
proper colors.   Skin color becomes blue and all other colors are messed up.

Happens on FF and Chrome.

If I play a youtube video in totem/mplayer it works fine.

Anyone else having this problem?  Wallpaper, digikam and all other graphics
have the proper colors.

Really irritating....

I also have removed nouveau and the distributed nvidia code and replaced
the Nvidia driver from Nvidia site.  No change in the problem from before or
after that change.

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