A howto backup your software configuration. "installed-software".

Clay Weber clay at claydoh.com
Fri Jun 8 17:29:43 UTC 2012

On Friday, June 08, 2012 06:49:41 PM Perry wrote:

> Could be helpful, but what takes me the most time is to save mails, agenda,
> contacts, personal bar in FF, and configure the prefs in all those programs.
> Not sure there is an easy way exept cloning.
> Greetings		Perry

Yes, that procedure just creates a list of installed software packages.
If you want to back up your user-specific data, you just make a copy of your 
home directory. This is also a reason many have a separate /home partition, as 
when you reinstall your OS, your existing data is still there without needing 
to copy anything back usually.   Basically it saves you the time needed to 
create the clone image. But one method isn't necessarily better than another.


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