kde 4.8 workspace problem

Paul Kaplan pkaplan1 at comcast.net
Mon Jan 30 02:23:32 UTC 2012

Only occasionally and not in 4.8. 


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I've installed kde 4.8 on my oneric machine from scratch (kde was not previously installed) and with the little I've used of it the only problem I have is that on the first shutdown kde refused to. I have yet to try shutting down this morning, but will be doing so soon, so will have a better idea if it is a permanent problem. Did you have a similar problem on your system? 


On 29/01/12 00:01, Paul Kaplan wrote: 

Upgrade an oneric machine to 4.8. Now the kde desktop is unusable. Login is OK, but I have the following problems (there may be more): 

- Windows don't get redrawn or come to the front unless they are first minimized and then restored 
- Keyboard input is delayed several minutes before appearing on screen, bot mouse moves normally 
- Can't access the application launcher 

I tried replacing ~/.kde, but with no improvement 

Everything works fine if I launch in safemode. 

Any thoughts on the root cause? 

Is there an enumeration of what is inactivated in safemode so I can troubleshoot? 


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