Shutdown Problem

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Mon Jan 30 11:39:46 UTC 2012

Does the system shutdown correctly if you issue sudo shutdown -h now from the command line? If so it's clearly a kde problem. Maybe try reinstalling kde? 

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On Sunday 29 Jan 2012 16:43:00 Mark Greenwood wrote: 
> On 29 Jan 2012, at 16:32, Paul Stear wrote: 
> > On Sunday 29 Jan 2012 16:24:53 Mark Greenwood wrote: 
> >> On 29 Jan 2012, at 16:21, Paul Stear wrote: 
> >>> Hi all, 
> >>> Since updating to kde 4.7.4 the shut-down procedure appears to 
> >>> complete 
> >>> but doesn’t actually turn off the machine, I am left with the 
> >>> shut-down 
> >>> progress dots and have to press the main computer off button to turn 
> >>> off the machine. 
> >>> 
> >>> Any ideas how to fix this? 
> >> 
> >> How patient have you been? Mine sometimes takes several minutes now 
> >> but it does shut down in the end. It's annoying but I haven't spent 
> >> much time looking into it yet. 

> > I have left it for 30 mins and still it will not shut down. 

> You've obviously got some process that doesn't want to quit. Try making sure 
> you quit all desktop applications before shutting down. If that doesn't 
> help then perhaps disabling some KDE services will. Also I've sometimes 
> seen it do this when you have external discs or network volumes mounted. 
I have tried the above but it made no difference. 
I can't find any error in logs or indeed what controls kubuntu to shutdown. 

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what the kubuntu procedure is 
for shutting down. 

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