Kmail not working in 4.8

Steve Riley stvrly at
Thu Jan 26 21:07:47 UTC 2012

On 2012-01-26 08:05:07 George Labuschagne <george.labuschagne at> 
> Kmail seems broken. I created two imap accounts. One a gmail one. When I go
> to the configuration screen and select the account and then click 'Modify'
> nothing happens at all.
> Also I cannot send any mails anymore via smtp on my gmail account or other
> account.
> When I now open kmail, it only says 'Loading.../Inbox' in the window title
> bar but no new email ever arrives.

I've found that Akonadi's first attempt at creating resources will appear to 
succeed, but the resources sometimes don't work. Open the Akonadi Console, 
delete the Mail Dispatcher Agent, then re-create it. I've had to do this to 
get outbound SMTP to work.

Not sure why your IMAP modification settings aren't working, though. That is 


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