Very slick 4.8

Thomas Tanghus Olsen thomas at
Thu Jan 26 14:37:08 UTC 2012

Trying out the new icon only task bar. Not sure if I can get used to it, but 
it does have some slick effects :-)

Things seem to work very smoothly, except I had no kwin after upgrade 
apparently because I was running kde-window-manager-gles. After installing 
kde-window-manager I could log in again, but because it took me a while to 
realize I was missing the kwin binary, I had wiped my plasma* and kwin* 

Problem is now that I can't log out. It simply hangs with a black screen, so I 
have to restart kdm via the console, thus loosing settings for my monitor and 
- I presume - any plasma modifications.
Not that I log out a lot, but kernel upgrades seems to come in a fast pace, so 
I do have to reboot once in a while.

Any idea of what can be halting the log out, or is there a command to force 
sync all unsaved configurations?

Med venlig hilsen / Best Regards

Thomas Tanghus Olsen

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