kmail 4.7.2 mouseclick empty space in folder panel

Perry pwhite at
Sat Jan 21 14:57:18 UTC 2012


This is Kubuntu oneiric.

Bug or feature?

When Kontact window was partially covered by another window I used to click in 
an empty space of Kontact to bring it forward, and the white space at the 
bottom of the folders panel did just that on prior versions I tried.

Now with 4.7.2 this mouseclick seems to expell me out of any folder, blanking 
the pannel containing the list of mails and the one that displayed the last 
Furthermore it unselects all the messages in the different folders and 
reopening the folder brings me to the top of the list (where I sorted the 
oldest messages).

This behaviour is quite unpleasing because while answering a message from the 
inbox I may be looking in the sent Items folder, then googling or searching in 
Dolphin and, returning to kmail through this (mis)click, the message from the 
sent Items is no longer displayed.

Of course I could train myself to click on the gray applications panel at the 
left, but my mouse pointer seems irresistibly attracted by the white space.

I googled but failed to find a mention of this behaviour.
Can anyone reproduce this ?
Any idea ?

Thanks		Perry

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