NAS and managing electrical mains

Francesco Antonetti Lamorgese Passeri antlampas at
Thu Jan 19 20:33:19 UTC 2012

Il 19/01/2012 15:01, Alvin ha scritto:
> Seriously, there's no other good solution. I suppose you could 'ping' 
> the NAS and then force an unmount, but that's very ugly. Besides, you 
> don't want the unmount, you'd want to stop the processes using the 
> NAS. Otherwise data could end up where you don't want it.

Just another question about this. In your opinion, after the NAS has 
irregular disconnected, why a simple "ls" on NAS local mounted direcory 
freezes the terminal where I typed it? This occurs with any command i 
use, including umount with any option. I can't understand this 
behavior... I don't believe there is some hanging process for the NAS. 
Am I wrong?

Thank you


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