NAS and managing electrical mains

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On 20 Jan 2012, at 22:32, Francesco Antonetti Lamorgese Passeri wrote:

> Il 19/01/2012 21:37, Mark Greenwood ha scritto:
>> On 19 Jan 2012, at 20:33, Francesco Antonetti Lamorgese Passeri wrote:
>>> Il 19/01/2012 15:01, Alvin ha scritto:
>>>> Seriously, there's no other good solution. I suppose you could 'ping' the NAS and then force an unmount, but that's very ugly. Besides, you don't want the unmount, you'd want to stop the processes using the NAS. Otherwise data could end up where you don't want it.
>>> Just another question about this. In your opinion, after the NAS has irregular disconnected, why a simple "ls" on NAS local mounted direcory freezes the terminal where I typed it? This occurs with any command i use, including umount with any option. I can't understand this behavior... I don't believe there is some hanging process for the NAS. Am I wrong?
>> Is your NAS mounted in etc/fstab? And is it NFS or SMB/Windows? If it's NFS there are mount options you can use to help you in this situation.
> Yes, it is mounted in fstab and it is smb/windows.
>> To answer this specific question, yes - there is a timeout associated with any network drive. Unfortunately this timeout is quite large and your terminal will hang until it times out.
> There is any way to reduce this timeout?

I don't know much about smb mounts, but you could have a read of this and see if it helps:

> Thank you
> Francesco
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