NAS and managing electrical mains

Francesco Antonetti Lamorgese Passeri antlampas at
Thu Jan 19 14:40:42 UTC 2012

Il 19/01/2012 15:01, Alvin ha scritto:
> You'd connect your UPS to the notebook and write a script that 
> unmounts when the UPS reaches a certain battery level.
> Seriously, there's no other good solution. I suppose you could 'ping' 
> the NAS and then force an unmount, but that's very ugly. Besides, you 
> don't want the unmount, you'd want to stop the processes using the 
> NAS. Otherwise data could end up where you don't want it.
Thank you for the answer,

yes... stop the processes using the NAS makes more sense.
I told about the unmount because one time i tried to unmount the 
disconnected NAS, and the command umount /path/to/nas took a very long 
time to unmount.
I know: buy an UPS it could be a good idea... meanwhile, i need a 
"patch" to manage these events (electrical mains black outs, as well as 
sudden wireless connection loss, etc.).

Thank you


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